We specialise in dealing with clients that do not want or do not need full-time Project Managers but need help with running projects, programme and project governance, project process, project documentation including bespoke documentation, templates, change management and project consultation.

With 20 years experience in the industry we can help with any project be it digital, media, technical, system implementations, software development and business or process driven.

Some of the services and projects we have worked on:

Tailored Project Methodology.

Project/Programme Governance and Process definition. This includes process maps, workflows and gating.

Data Migration, Systems Migrations.

Departmental Migration.

Hardware Deployments.

System Implementation (CAFM, Clinical, CMS, Office 365, Active Directory migration and AD Microsoft Cloud Solutions, Exchange Online, On Premises or Cloud based systems, CRM, etc.)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) implementation and e-learning creation.

Software Development and Testing.

Technical Drawings, Graphical Design, Web Design, Advertising, Publishing.

As a Consultancy and Management Company, we strive to provide the best service to our clients.

In addition to the above services our technical experts are able to provide these specialised services for your infrastructure, engineering and health and safety* needs:

Thermal Analysis - Electrical faults and cabling troubleshooting for your network, thermal analysis for your server rooms.

EMF Analysis (AC Magnetic, AC Electric and RF/Microwave) - identifying Wi-Fi black spots, optimal placements for your Wi-Fi routers and repeaters.

Solar Radiance - Specialised service for the use of solar panels (optimal placements), energy efficiency and green energy use projects.

*Health and Safety - helping to identify risk in the workplace and protecting the welfare of your employees (avoiding areas of high electrical radiation and optimise seating locations).